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Enerwave Home Automation is a team of experts that design and manufacture the most advanced home automation devices. We will change the way you monitor, CONTROL and use electricity. What started as an idea in making lighting control convenient and compatible became a reality of innovative devices that control how much, when, and where to deliver electricity to anything connected. From product design to sales to customer support, our dedicated team delivers the industry’s best devices with Z-Wave®, ZigBee®, WiFi®, and Bluetooth® technologies to monitor and control your homes.

Our developers have diligently designed the devices to accurately measure energy usage while keeping the users in total control, from anywhere, of when and where to turn on, dim, and turn off the power. Home automation has never been easier! Our devices are easy to install and operate. They are extremely customizable so users can add, modify or delete scenes, or set timers, schedules, and other triggers.

Knowing how much energy is being used at every location can help with energy saving. Enerwave SmartMeter devices accurately monitors energy usage and are capable of turning off connected devices when a user defined limit has been reached. It can be used to limit the usage time to off-peak hours, or to alert the user of power changes, or to trigger another device to turn on or off.

There are many hubs in the market today so finding compatible devices that can do what you want it to can be a challenge. Enerwave resolves that by making the most compatible and customizable SmartMeter IoT devices. Each device is capable of relaying signals within the same network, therefore extending the range of communication throughout the house. When all the right pieces are configured together, a whole new experience of command and control will become reality.

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