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Z-Wave switches, smart lighting control makes you a smart home by enabling remote control to lights and home appliances from any distance. Enerwave Z-wave products include z-wave switches, smart plugs, smart dimmers, smart ceiling sensors, smart door sensors and smart energy monitor system. Main features of Enerwave home automation systems:

  • Wireless lighting control from any distance via smart phone, ipad, tablet and computer
  • The more z-wave devices, the stronger signal your smart home network is
  • Support association group
  • Works with Alexa voice control
  • SmartMeter devices precisely monitors the devices energy consumption
  • Use enhanced technology Z-wave plus chip
  • Compatible with certified z-wave gateway

How does z-wave home automation system work?

A Z-wave gateway is needed as home communication hub in home automation network. Z-wave switches, outlets, dimmer switches, plugs and other smart devices need to be added to the gateway.

Z-Wave plus (Chip 500)

As one of the main smart product manufacturers, Enerwave home automation always applies the most advanced home automation technology. Z-wave Plus (500 chip) is the newest enhancement of 300 Chip what we use in all our z-wave switches, dimmers, plugs and outlets. Z-wave plus features 50% battery life improvement, 67% improvement in range, 250% more bandwidth and more.


Knowing how much energy is being used at every location can help with energy saving. Z-wave lights with SmartMeter devices accurately monitors energy usage and are capable of turning off connected devices when a user defined limit has been reached. It can be used to limit the usage time to off-peak hours, or to alert the user of power changes, or to trigger another device to turn on or off.
There are many hubs in the market today so finding compatible devices that can do what you want it to can be a challenge. Enerwave resolves that by making the most compatible and customizable SmartMeter IoT devices. Each device is capable of relaying signals within the same network, therefore extending the range of communication throughout the house. When all the right pieces are configured together, a whole new experience of command and control will become reality.


Enerwave Z-Wave Products Work With Alexa Voice Control

-Our Chief Executives at Enerwave Home Automation are devoted to always delivering the highest quality products and service so our products undergo rigorous tests and fine tuning. Each product must pass numerous tests to ensure quality in design, safety, security, manufacturing and electrical code compliance, functionality, durability, software programmability and device compatibility. They are first tested within our factories, then sent out to multiple testing facilities and then fine-tuned back at our facilities before being tested again at the world known and OSHA recognized Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Intertek (ETL).

Customer satisfaction is our top priority so our products are backed by outstanding support and manufacturer warranties. Our extremely patient Technical Support team have exceptional knowledge to guide users through planning, installation, and customizing so if quality home automation is what you want, then quality home automation is what you’ll get.

  • In-Wall Z-wave Switches
  • In-Wall Smart Dimmer Switches
  • In-Wall Outlet / Receptacles
  • In-Wall Smart Relay Switches
  • 3 Way Add On Switch
  • Smart Plug

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